is a DAY to show the world that rivers are

is a DAY to show the world that rivers are


Every day more and more routes are registered all over the world. Register yours!

A day #WalkingRivers

Organise a day by the river near you to get to know it, enjoy it and show that it is possible to walk it. It is very simple.


A route by your river


By registering your route


10.000 steps
(5-7 km) by your river


of a unique event worldwide

What is it about?

The challenge is to walk at least 10.000 steps along the river (approx. 5-7 km)

In 2023 we walked 30 km of Madrid's Manzanares River in 1 day with more than 100 citizens. This experience inspired us to create #WalkingRivers, a day to invite the world to walk along their nearest river and show that rivers are great and that it is possible to walk along them.

Paseando el rio 2
steps registered to date


Saturday 11th May



All over the world!

How can I get involved?

Anyone who wants to walk along a river on May 11th can participate. To do so, you should register in the form below indicating the river you plan to walk, with how many people and the number of steps or km you will walk along the river. Workshops will be held to orientate the organisers of the routes in each of the rivers.

What type of routes can be registered?

On that day, wear blue so you can identify with the global community.

Join the second workshop where we will present the event and some of the experiences that will be taking place around the world. 

Key dates

7 marzo – 7 abril

7 marzo – 24 abril

24 abril :

route registration period

20 March:

1st workshop to launch the event

24 April:

route registration period closes

24 April:

2nd workshop to learn about world routes

11 May:

WalkingRivers worldwide event!

Save the date!

11 th May, 2024

For more information, please contact

For more information, please contact

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We are extending the registration deadline for routes until 24 April!

Take advantage of the last days!