Aviso: Viaje de Campo en Suiza

RESTORE • Miércoles, 18 de Abril de 2012
RESTORE is an information and dissemination project supported by the LIFE+ funding. It fosters river restoration practices across Europe by sharing river restoration knowledge to policymakers, river basin organisation and practitioners, strengthening river restoration networks, developing knowledge transfer tools and events (more information on http://www.restorerivers.eu/).
The Italian Centre for River Restoration (CIRF, http://www.cirf.org/) coordinates RESTORE activities in Southern Europe, including the organisation of seminars, workshops and field visits in different countries.
Switzerland has developed a wide experience in river restoration and enhancement, as well as in research on river ecology. Specific legislative and financial tools have been recently approved strongly fostering river restoration, e.g. an overprice per kWh of hydro energy sold to be spent on environmental compensation measures and the obligation to carry out restoration measures in several fields, including increasing the space available for river dynamics, as ratified by the revised law on water protection, come into force in January 2011. Therefore a field trip to Switzerland appears particularly useful in order to provide an array of tangible solutions exportable to other European countries.
In order to meet the main interests of river basin managers and practitioners, recently surveyed by CIRF on the key topics to be developed within RESTORE, special attention will be given during the field visits to synergies between river restoration and biodiversity conservation policies, and to realistic solutions in urbanised and strongly constrained contexts.
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