International Society for River Science

Berlin (Germany) • 8-12 August 2011

The ISRS exists to foster and develop scholarship in all disciplines contributing to knowledge and wise stewardship of rivers and streams as vital natural and managed ecosystems. Membership is open to all persons and groups with interests in river science and a willingness to become both an active participant in ISRS and a supporter of its basic goals.

ISRS is a global society without political, national, or other social or cultural affiliations. The society will strive to maintain an international reputation as a highly reliable and independent source of information and advice on river science and related environmental issues. To retain that independence, ISRS will not participate as an advocate on environmental issues.

"Rivers as Linked Systems" will be the leading theme of the 2nd Conference of the International Society for River Science (ISRS) to be held in Berlin, Germany, from 8th to 12th August 2011. The conference will be organized by the Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries, IGB, in cooperation with the Freie Universität in Berlin. The conference attempts to bring river scientists from various disciplines and from all over the world together to present and discuss interdisciplinary challenges in future river science. The main topics will be: 1.) Linkages and boundaries along river corridors, including land-sea and structure-function linkages, large river ecology, and complex ecological-hydrogeomorphological feedbacks, 2.) Aquatic-terrestrial linkages, including floodplain ecology and functional linkages via complex life cycles, 3.) Social-ecological and culture – ecosystem linkages, including river restoration challenges, urban footprints, climate change impacts, as well as the management of novel ecosystems and communities, and 4.) Biodiversity – ecosystem services linkages, including the effects of multiple stressors on these linkages. Suggestions for thematic symposia are very welcome.

After establishing a national as well as an international scientific committee, the conference webpage will be launched in March providing information on the preliminary program, proposed keynote speakers, thematic workshops, excursions, student programs, and cultural program for accompanying persons, as well as important deadlines.

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