Landscape Ecology International Conference

Bragança, Portugal • 21-27 September 2010

Ongoing changes driven by environmental, technological, political, economic and social factors produce additional challenges for forest landscape ecologists and managers by creating new and multiple contexts for their activities.

Climate change, urban sprawl, agriculture abandonment, intensification of forestry and agriculture, changes in energy generation and use, expanding infrastructure networks, increased habitat destruction and degradation and other processes of change occur at faster rates.

These processes affect structure, disturbance regimes, productivity, carbon sequestration, and biodiversity in forest ecosystems and landscapes at increasing rates. Rapidly changing landscapes therefore expand the frontiers of the current and future activity of scientists and managers.

This IUFRO Landscape Ecology international conference aims to bring together scientists, planners, and managers in order to share science and experiences on approaches, methods and tools to assess change, to forecast change in structures and processes, and to optimize goods and services provided at multiscale-multifunctional levels under a context of change.

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