River Restoration: Creating a Catchment Scale Perspective for River Restoration

Santander • 1-5 September 2012

I) Introduction: River Restoration, the Issue of Scale
II) Landscape Level Controls on Riverine Processes and Landforms
    i) River network: structure, confluences and implications for aquatic and riparian
    ii) Valley morphology: its variation and controls on riverine processes
    iii) Fans, terraces and hillslope forcing: strong-arming river systems
    iv) Longitudinal patterns of hillslope and fluvial processes and landforms
    v) Spatially variable supply and storage of sediment: building blocks of habitat
III) Putting the Pieces Together: Creating the Catchment Scale Context

IV) Building a larger frame of reference for small scale restoration projects (site

V) Building a catchment scale context in your own landscape

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